To all empaths, lightworkers, Alchemists, psychics and highly sensitive beings overwhelmed by  others energies and looking to find a true path of self-mastery to discipline your thoughts and emotions as we usher in a new spiritual era for humanity, this book is for you!
Introducing The first Complete 
puzzle of life in a Book EVER:
Alchemy, The masters path!
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Over 10 years Worth Of AMAZING  research info that will make you feel awesome! Every time you read this book, you'll feel even MORE Calm and Confident!  Only 100 copies available of this special prerelease limited edition
Jedi is the most incredible soul. He's helped me deal with emotional and physical pain and helped me become a stronger person. Absolutely recommend!-
I was blessed to have a session with Jedi and it was profound. He really helped me to see my concerns from a different perspective...he also gave me tools & tips to implement.... One thing he said really stood out..."The answer is in the question..."...I have found this to be just as true as..."When the student is ready, the teacher will come..."...speaking with him helped me to see deeper into my own truth and purpose. I am very grateful for you Jedi... Thank you for being one of my many teachers-
I recently went through a phase where I experienced a lot of vague but overwhelming fear. Jedi recommended a simple breathing technique of inhaling for 4 counts and exhaling for 8 counts. I have previously found that any controlled breathing technique I attempted would cause an instant feeling of not being able to get enough air. Instead, I found that this technique Jedi offered consistently takes me from sheer panic to inner stillness, usually by the the end of the third exhale. I highly recommend Jedi, and am very glad to have this incredibly simple and powerful tool in my self-empowerment toolbox.
About The Author
Jedi Hill (Alchemist Jedi) is a Visionary, a Reverend, an Intuitive Coach/Consultant, and Healer. Jedi was raised in the country on top of a hill overlooking a lake in the country. His dad taught him how to meditate when he was 5. 

  Growing up he was raised with both Christian and Native American  teachings including the ways of the pipe and ended going on a traditional vision quest when he was 16(many would see this as a traditional  Shamanic vision quest). 

  To this day he is a voracious reader studying everything he can get his hands on in the fields of health, medicine, physics, religion, philosophy, psychology, neuroscience and more.

 After graduating high school he went to south Dakota and taught wilderness survival and Native american lore & skills, then came back to Ohio to attend massage school. Just a few months before graduating massage school he was in a wreck where a semi smashed his car ripping apart the rotator cuff and damaging the nerves in the right arm. 
     This caused him to go on a quest to Colorado where he learned from an osteopath and many other healers how to heal himself naturally and gained the skills to help you transform your life. Now he does healing work to help you overcome both physical as well as mental & emotional dis-ease utilizing a plethora of techniques learned around the country as well as studied from ancient cultures.
meet the master behind the book
Alchemist Jedi
My name is Jedi Hill the Alchemist, and I LOVE to help you learn the tools to discipline your mind and emotions! I am the researcher of all the cool stuff that you'll find inside of the book! 

Alchemist Jedi is a Visionary,  Reverend, an Intuitive Coach/Consultant, and Healer. 
As was said before this is a special prerelease limited edition of Alchemy the Masters Path and there are only 100 copies available.

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